The Winterfood Diaries

The Winterfood Diaries

Thursday, 16 October 1986

What a Bloody Day!

My No.1: ‘True Colours’ – Cyndi Lauper

What a bloody day!

I started the day feeling really good and wanting to see Alison. 

Following Lit, Alison was waiting outside the classroom door, waiting for me with a boy I didn’t know.  It was Daryl!  Her ex-boyfriend was visiting Tech!  So, over break, things were a bit uncomfortable, and, as with the rest of the day, Alison and were distant from each other.  Still, I made an effort and Daryl was a lovely bloke.  He’s reasonably ‘alternative’ and very quiet, gentle.  Things were okay between us, because he doesn’t know Daryl and I are on the verge of ‘greater things’.  But just before Alison went to a lesson, he tried to ‘get back’ with her.  He tried to touch her and act like they were still a couple, but she avoided his physical advances and suggestions.  I’m glad, as I felt today might be the day that I lost her for good.  And I couldn’t live without her now.  When Alison went to a lesson, I took him to The Videodome, but little was said and nothing untoward happened.  Fiat Lux was on the videos with ‘Blue Emotion’, which was great.

I’m anxious to see Alison tomorrow.

Britain’s No.1: ‘True Blue’ – Madonna

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